Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to Keep Your Family Healthy with Nontoxic Housekeeping Products and Techniques

If you ask most anyone who is concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle what they do to stay healthy, you`ll probably hear the same answers over and over. You`ll hear them say that they have quit smoking, joined a gym or they have started eating better. Rarely if ever will you hear anyone say that they have changed their cleaning habits to try to attain better health.
There are no two rooms in the home that require cleaning more often than the kitchen and bathroom, and although wiping surfaces down is sufficient for every day cleaning maintenance, occasionally a deep-down cleaning is in order. But that does not mean that harsh fumes from commercial cleaners need to be involved in the cleaning and sanitizing process. Cleaning is supposed to make you healthier, not sicker. Some simple everyday household items will do the job without the fumes that can be so harmful to humans and the environment.

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