Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to Keep a Clean House in Just Minutes a Day

There is no need to be obsessive about every tiny little detail in order to keep a home that looks and smells as though it has just been freshly cleaned. Having a schedule for housework and following it is half the battle. By following a good schedule you can keep your home clean in just minutes a day.

In order to keep your home looking fresh and clean there are some jobs that must be done daily, but others are jobs that can be done weekly, some done monthly. Some larger jobs only need to be done seasonally.

Start With a Clean Slate

It is not as difficult as you might think to have a home that is neat, tidy, well-organized and easy to maintain, but you must start with a clean slate. This means a good old fashioned spring cleaning. Not the kind of spring cleaning where all you do is take an afternoon to clean the windows and re-stack old magazines. Spring cleaning is a time to purge the home of all unnecessary clutter and debris that has been allowed to build up over the course of the year(s) and it can be done at any time of the year, not just in the spring.

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  1. I iwsh we could get a schedule for my house, three kids, 3 animals and a cocktatiel lead to anything but "on schedule", other then I take out the garbage every Tuesday, does that count? :-)