Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Convert an Attic Into Living Space

When space becomes becomes cramped in a home, moving is not always the only solution. Quite often extra living space can be arranged using the resources already at your disposal - and usually at a much lower cost than moving.

There are two ways that you can gain extra living space. One is to extend the home physically by adding an addition; and the other is to make use of what is usually wasted space in the attic. The latter is often preferable because it provides extra living space without cutting down on the size of the property itself.

How Much Space is There?
Because there are so many factors involved in obtaining the most usable space available when converting an attic, it is best to hire an architect or qualified builder to determine if your attic can even be converted. All of the work done to convert your attic into living space must comply with the requirements of the Building Code, and before work can begin, accurate plans must be drawn up and submitted to the Building Department for approval. In most cases the architect or builder will handle the building code part of the job for you.

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